Our American Movement®

Uniting In A Fight To Overcome The Corruptions Of News And Protect Our Precious Freedoms Before It Is Too Late!

These Are Attacks On Our Freedoms!

  • Government coerced job terminations and forced vaccinations!

  • Government backed law-enforcement repudiations leading to crime escalations and community deteriorations as cities burn from demonstrations!

  • Government border-security abominations causing Fentanyl proliferation and family disintegrations from its deadly applications!

  • Government sponsored student indoctrinations spreading divisive racial intonations and related concerned parent intimidations using FBI “Threat Tag” designations!

  • Higher taxations, free speech cancellations and hyper-inflations!

The list goes on, as does an unravelling of our nation! We, the people of America, recognize that our freedoms in rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are under attack on every front. A Gallup Poll of July 14, 2021 shows that America’s mainstream news media are among those Major U.S. Institutions in which we have the very least of confidence. They in whom we have the very least of confidence are protected by our United States Constitution to be protecting our precious freedoms. They are doing the exact opposite!

As troubling, we recognize, too, that we have become critically divided as a people.

The Attacker On Our Freedoms Is Dividing Us

Through activist, fabricated and politicized presentations purporting to report daily news, a sinister “Political-Apparatus” permeating America’s corrupted mainstream news media is undermining the pillars that undergird our freedoms in its service of powerful interests. Its hidden operatives and visible minions manipulate and divide us in coordinated attacks from every mainstream news media outlet in order to achieve its related ends. This Political-Apparatus has, purposefully, created the growing resentment of Americans toward one another through systemically corrupted news presentations to achieve ends of the powerful that undermine our freedoms. Divided, we are powerless to fight back!

Countering Its Attacks And Divisions

With RESOUNDING VOICE of a united “We the People” of America, we can pull-back the curtain on this Political-Apparatus’ systemic corruptions of news presentations and overcome them through exposure. With your engagement (action), Our American Movement® will grow into such RESOUNDING VOICE and large number as cannot be suppressed in our demands for honesty and political-balance in news presentations. Only corrupted entities will try to hinder our demands. United, “We the People” of America will overwhelm them.

Leveraging our strengths of RESOUNDING VOICE and large number, we will influence the creation of America’s News Report Card (see our “About . . . ” page) that will provide a reckoning exposing America’s corporate “Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media” through objective and quantifiable measures reported in their quarterly report cards. We will hold them in contempt!

Our unity and power of actions executed in large number can overcome these corruptions. Honesty and political-balance in news presentations will facilitate our coming together upon common ground as One American People® in achieving solutions to our great challenges and keeping our freedoms protected. There are countless platforms for “viewing” some things. Ours is a platform for “doing” some things.

We Will Expose These Systemic Corruptions Of News Presentations

For the great majority of Americans who are near to the political-center, whether to the left- or to the right- of it, we are not far apart in what we want for ourselves and our families on any given concern. Keeping us from coming together in achieving solutions to any of them is a sinister Political-Apparatus that serves powerful interests through pervasive manipulations of news presentations. One of its tools used for achieving ends of the powerful is division of us. Through its corrupted news presentations, we are cast as being locked into the extreme faction of an opposing political side in feuds that it creates over ever growing numbers of politicized interests.

In purported reporting of daily news, the dishonest (activist) operatives and minions of Political-Apparatus conduct fabrications of slanted support for countless divisions that it foists upon us in political service of gaining votes and greater control of our governance, or toward raising funds, to expand political power. Proof of this is seen in the ever growing number of political demands being placed upon our Government (“agenda-setting”) to become fulfilled by its coercive force being exacted upon us toward benefitting politically targeted self-interest groups (“identity politics”) as hidden powerful interests are served.

News presentations are driving wedges between us through its coordinated assaults that instill negative imprints which, further, serve the expansions of control and political power. Tens-of-millions of our fellow Americans are being assaulted, daily, through slanted “Dishonest-News” that is easily recognized as news fabricated upon uncertain facts, fake facts or opinion. Its related political-smear campaigns are easily recognized, too, by widely broadcast narratives labeling the voters, representatives, policies and perspectives of one particular political side as being racist, bigoted, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, unpatriotic, (fill-in)-deniers, anti-(whatever) and you-name-it. Ridicule and fabricated political-correctness are interwoven with slanted Dishonest-News to stifle (cancel) expressions of perspectives not in alignment with its political purpose.

See what award-winning Investigative Reporter, News Journalist and Best-Selling Author Sharyl Attkisson says about two “tells” of powerful interest manipulations of us through news presentations.  If not an “apparatus,” how do they all use the same words, the same phrases and the same twisted narratives at the same time? Remember the Covington High School Student in January of 2019? How vicious those visible minions were as they destroyed an innocent sixteen-year old’s life for political purpose! They have no conscience, whatsoever, as they strip away freedoms from anyone and everyone in pursuit of political ends! That sixteen-year old settled his defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post and another against CNN, and we hope that he prevails in his remaining lawsuits against six other mainstream news media outlets, however the likely $millions awarded to him in settlement will not stop the Political-Apparatus behind these assaults.

This horrific political divisiveness being propagated through corrupted news presentations is by design of the manipulative Political-Apparatus for achieving its ends in service of the powerful.

Unite To Overcome The Corruptions Of News And Protect Our Precious Freedoms Before It Is Too Late!

The systemic corruptions of news presentations that undermine our freedoms will continue while getting ever worse if we continue to let them. Only a united “We the People” of America can bring an end to them. Our time is now for Americans to unite in RESOUNDING VOICE Enough Already! We need honest, balanced news!”

Engage in our grassroots Our American Movement® growing strengths of RESOUNDING VOICE and large number in a fight to protect our precious freedoms through unified actions that will overcome the corruptions of news. Just a handful of honest, politically-balanced outlets among America’s mainstream news media are all that is needed to expose and overcome the Political-Apparatus’ corrupt influences found in print-, online- and broadcast-news presentations, social-media, academia, K-12 education, entertainment, pop culture, corporate culture and, now, expanding into the cultures of military and policing.

What Can I Do?

  • Add yours to our RESOUNDING VOICE by displaying our “Antidotes” (defined in carousel on our “About . . . ” page) to raise awareness of the systemic corruptions of news by exclaiming our need to have “honest, balanced news.” Your display of them will provide needed support and advance our grassroots Our American Movement®. Please suggest any Antidotes that you would like available as an “Idea” (Topic) submitted in our “Library Of Ideas” forum entitled “Enhancing Our Antidotes.”
  • Help grow our number by spreading word of Our American Movement® to family members and friends through text message or email, circumventing censorship by social media (see what Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, News Journalist and Best-Selling Author Sharyl Attkisson says about their censorship).
  • Advance Our American Movement® through word-of-mouth and social media channels (please, verify whether censored).
  • Help gain mention of Our American Movement® on-air, online and in print by potentially supportive media or other influencers.
  • Support our grassroots Our American Movement® with your donation of any amount.

Become as engaged in our One American People® Community as you wish to be.

  • Contribute to the Library of Ideas being shared in our Community Forums of meaningful actions for achieving our goals. Log-in to add your Ideas and Comments, or to view Comments of others (instructions are atop our “Community Forums . . . ” page).
  • Act upon those shared Ideas and Comments that you would.
  • Participate in peaceful demonstrations that engaged Americans organize through our “Home” (see our “About . . . ” page) as we further develop it for their doing so.
  • Partake in our influencing the creation of “America’s News Report Card” (see our “About . . . ” page) that will expose America’s corporate Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media through objective and quantifiable measures reported in their quarterly report cards.

Join this great quest in exercise of our Constitutional First Amendment rights of freedom speaking-truth-to-power . . . before it is too late!

Let Our Freedom Ring!

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