Of Vaccine . . . And A “Goldilocks”-Symptomatic Vaccinator

by | Mar 16, 2021

On a beautiful, sunny Pacific Northwest day in March 2021, one of our cofounders received the first of two Pfizer vaccinations for COVID-19.  As the woman administering it prepped an arm with antiseptic, and very much out-of-place, she expressed an unsolicited political-opinion that “it could have been handled differently, a LOT of people died!” Out of the blue, she had just thrown bricks at President Trump.

Escaping her, completely, was the great irony in her doing so while administering one of three vaccines that President Trump had made possible for “We the People” of America and for the rest of the world in such a record timeframe as, when he had announced that he would do so, “experts” had proclaimed in news reports to be, absolutely, impossible for our having even one. President Trump had been ridiculed in those news “reports” when he had announced his intent to go beyond that which the “experts” deemed to be, even, in the realm of possibility. Here and now, this vaccinator believed “it could have been handled differently!”

Had President Trump “gone too far(!)” or had he “not gone far enough(!)?” Our cofounder smiled knowing that she was parroting what she had gathered as “news” from an enduring manipulative political-smear campaign conducted by America’s monolithic legacy news media using their all too obvious and tired “Goldilocks”-template for smearing political-opposition in their corrupted daily “reporting” of news. Their Goldilocks-tempIate is, simply, that someone or something aligned politically-right “went too far(!)” or “didn’t go far enough(!)” which is, merely, uncertain fact, fake fact or opinion rather than an actual factual reporting of news (see what Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, News Journalist and Best-Selling Author Sharyl Attkisson says about two “tells” of powerful interest manipulations of us through news presentations). By inference, of course, the political-left (Democrat) position is “just right.” The Goldilocks-template works for everything, so it is seen being used all too often in their daily “reporting” of news. Watch for nuanced use of their Goldilocks-template, such as “it could have been handled differently(!),” and you will spot it being used in news fabrication . . . err “reporting” . . . very soon!

Sadly . . . this vaccinator believed her caustic political-opinion to be so universally agreeable as to just blurt it out during the most casual of exchanged pleasantries. Considering it prudent, given the circumstances, our cofounder resisted an urge to speak of the miracle and chose to remain silent.

Whenever we encounter such corrupted news media influence in our conversations, we must recognize there is nothing we could say which would sway those caustic political opinions learned as purported news “reported” by the minions of manipulative Political-Apparatus permeating America’s corrupted legacy news media. Rather than our expressing a differing opinion when this occurs, let us respectfully disagree without elaborating upon our difference and then, immediately, turn to suggestion that, while we may differ in our politics, we need to come together as one American people.

Let us ask if they would agree with that sentiment and with our finding common ground upon which to come together as one American people in achieving solutions to our great challenges and keeping our freedoms protected. Let’s ask if they would agree on the need for having honesty and political balance in presentations of America’s mainstream news media to facilitate our doing so. Let’s ask if they would agree with our demand for America’s News Report Card (see our “About . . . ” page) to provide something honest and objective for helping all of “We the People” in evaluating our news media sources. After all, those legacy news media sources upon whom they rely, surely, would benefit by their report card . . . right?

Let Our Freedom Ring!

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