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One American People® Achieving Solutions Merchandise

Our Open-Air Market offers simple messages as Antidotes (defined in carousel on “About . . . ” page) for engaged Americans to display in action toward growing a BIG VOICE calling for “America’s News Reporting Report Card” (see “About . . .” page) that will pull-back the curtain on systemic-corruptions of Political-Apparatus in reporting by America’s corporate mainstream news media that manipulate and divide us while serving powerful interests undermining our freedoms. Our Antidotes raise awareness of the Political-Apparatus while advancing Our American Movement®. For those patriotic American entrepreneurs who would seek greater engagement in advancing Our American Movement® by reselling our t-shirt Antidotes in local vending opportunities, or those they create themselves, we provide steeply discounted bulk pricing on 100+ counts of combined size and sex for their making a profit while doing so.

Together, let us bring an end to the manipulative political divisiveness being propagated through reporting by America’s corporate mainstream news media taking heed of the Boiling Frog Fable, before it is too late!


Our Time Is Now!

Thank you for engaging in Our American Movement® and for your sharing with others to advance it.

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