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Identifying / Calling out inaccurate news reports

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Just a thought; We all would like more honest news, but how do we hold them accountable? How do we hold ourselves accountable and be real about our own biases that inevitably skew perspectives. I think it's important to find some objective ways to evaluate / judge news sources.

One way to do this is to reveal instances where false / inflated reports were made and call them out. I think we hear about these instances from time to time, for example; you might hear that CNN put out a report that Joe Rogan went maverick and was sucking down horse de-wormer to cure his Covid and then later see that the interview they were referencing, clearly presented a more sane story line. Joe Rogan's doctor prescribed a series of safe and reputable medications (human ones) and they worked very well. One of those meds was Ivermectin and of course this was later embellished to a story line of taking horse de-wormer against real medical advice. My point... we hear of these things, they are annoying, we may even watch the banter back and forth and fully acknowledge the false reports that took place... However, it's only a few months before another story is underway and we typically don't think of it again.

If there was a collaboration of these reports, we would have the ability to look at how often certain news outlets makes false reports. Maybe, it would create more accountability and give a better reference point in judging these big media names. I would be surprised if these lists don't already exist. I think they would be a great reference point. I think all news outlets would have some mistakes here and there but the ones with the most would be highlighted among the rest and perhaps the ones with the least could gain some deserved recognition.

Thoughts anyone?

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