“David & Goliath” Meet On A “Field Of Dreams”

by | Jun 10, 2020

OneAmericanPeople.com was created to provide “We the People” of America with an interactive platform for our coming together as One American People® in developing ideas and meaningful actions toward achieving solutions to our great challenges while serving the best interests of “We the People” of America and keeping our freedoms protected. It began with a vision of our founder who was executing upon a true-life Field of Dreams-like calling.  Coming together as One American People® in achieving solutions to our great challenges is America’s truest of grassroots quests in every sense.

The assignment given to our founder 34-years earlier by a new boss to become conversant about current events by reading any weekly news magazine cover-to-cover made our founder’s very first introduction to politics, which was in the news. At that time, 33-years of age and entirely apolitical, our founder quickly recognized an unmistakable political-bias in reporting by America’s legacy news media that favored the representatives, policies and perspectives of political-left (Democrat). First, in Time magazine, then in Newsweek and, next, in US News & World Report which was our founder’s progression taken in seeking politically-balanced news reporting.

As our founder expanded upon a quest to find politically-balanced news reporting, what was found, instead, was the same unmistakable political-bias in reporting by the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and USA Today, and our founder heard it on National Public Radio (NPR). Five-years passed before a shocking event in May 1992 awakened our founder to strikingly-apparent, systemic-collusion between legacy news media entities and Democrat-operatives in slanting news reporting with dishonest fabrications upon uncertain or fake facts.

This shocking awakening came after having heard on NPR the full, unfiltered speech by America’s Vice President Of The United States Dan Quayle (Republican) that had been given a couple of days earlier and then, immediately afterward, hearing and reading the flagrantly dishonest, fabricated and slanted news “reporting” that, monolithically, was done on it. As though coordinated, everywhere our founder looked, “reporting” of that speech by America’s legacy news media used the very same dishonest, fabricated and slanted narratives, and the very same choice of certain words, like “racist.” Actual content and purpose of the speech were entirely tangential to their reporting of it.

So, totally, shocking was this awakening to a monolithic and manipulative political-smear campaign that our founder was moved to laminate the May 21, 1992 front pages of USA Today in preserving the sighting of a “Goliath” of legacy news media corruptions. The daily reminders of unmistakable political-slant and further sightings of that Goliath of legacy news media dishonesty and political-collusion caused daily agitation for our founder while gathering the daily news.

It was while mowing the lawn on a sunny day in April of 2009 that troubling thoughts of slanted Dishonest-News fabrications by corrupted legacy news media foisting political divisiveness upon “We the People” of America led to the awakening of a David in our founder with a Dream upon first hearing a “Voice” . . . “if enough Americans outwardly express the need to overcome this Goliath of legacy news media corruptions, this Goliath can be overcome.” Lifted off the tractor by that inspiration, our David paused mowing the Field just long enough to go indoors and purchase a web domain. The name, just, popped into mind while sitting at a computer to make a purchase the kind of which our David had never made before of a product our David knew nothing about using.

Over the next 12-years, the Voice continued telling our David something to the effect of build it, and they will come. During that time, our David engaged in much easy self-talk toward avoiding taking on this Goliath while learning the more difficult self-talk that proved necessary for summoning courage to suppress understandable fears.

The news on May 18, 2017 of a study by Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy provided graphic proof of this Goliath’s existence and inspired our David with an invigorating idea that a collaboration of credible entities could become engaged to report on these Goliath systemic corruptions of news in something honest and objective that would help to overcome them (learn about America’s News Report Card on our “About . . . ” page).

That is exactly when our David was spurred into committed action to “build it” by first arming with a 0.7mm Pilot G2 blue pen which was hoped would prove “mightier than the sword,” much as a “Rock-and-Sling,” toward overcoming this Goliath.  Funny . . . days later, when beginning composition of the narratives published at OneAmericanPeople.com, our David retrieved those laminated front pages of USA Today to refresh recollection of that shocking awakening in May 1992 and discovered it to be exactly 25years to the very day of that papers publication.

As our founder’s Dream became influenced over the years by insightful comments shared by so many fellow Americans as could not be counted, it grew into this vision of our finding common ground upon which we come together as one American people in achieving solutions to our great challenges while serving the best interests of “We the People” of America and keeping our freedoms protected!

As we engage together in this great quest to right our American ship, some Americans will see that which millions of Americans readily “see” while others will not, just as in the “Field of Dreams” movie storyline. We hope that having “built it” with OneAmericanPeople.com enough Americans will learn about One American People® to, figuratively, create a caravan of Americans stretching into the horizon, as in the movie storyline, who are engaging to grow our RESOUNDING VOICE and large number that will overcome the systemic corruptions of mainstream news media presentations, before it is too late!

Thank you for engaging in this great grassroots quest of One American People® and for your sharing with others to advance it.

Let Our Freedom Ring!

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