“Identity-Politics” . . . Of Ridicule & Riots

by | May 27, 2020

One of our cofounders was employed by a very large corporation that engaged a series of short videos for “Security-Awareness Training” which was required viewing of all employees. The dialog of this training series was set in a professional office environment and a hovering, villainous, bad influence featured throughout all of the episodes was portrayed by an exceptionally unkempt white male wearing a dingy grey t-shirt scribbled with the label “Human Error” that augmented pajama bottoms and a bathrobe. His role was that of being exactly opposite, in every way, of a hovering beautiful young woman whose stylish top was boldly labeled “SOUND JUDGEMENT” and whose influence, clearly, was better reasoned and not crass. Throughout this training were interspersed vignettes of office meetings in which dialog of the diverse staff members and that of the hovering, villainous, bad influence were scripted to verbally abuse the only white male staff member with ridicule in their, frequent, portrayals of him as being a dunce.

So over the top was this ridicule that our cofounder’s initial thoughts were that, surely, this training must be about instructing how un-acceptable it is to ridicule others in the work environment while, at the same time, our cofounder was curious to see how that would intersect with the “Security-Awareness Training.”  Sadly . . . the withering ridicule directed at two white males throughout this training was not to be addressed. The overwhelming ridicule targeting white males, duplicitously, was by their designs.

As proud, patriotic Americans striving, together, to strengthen our American union by making our American culture, ever more, into one of inclusion and tolerance we agree that it is wrong to represent any “identity-group” in poor light through ridicule or otherwise. Surely, we agree, too, that ridicule directed at one particular identity-group does not result in humor at all but, rather, exposes a corrosive hidden agenda that must be rejected as wrong and, therefore, is un-acceptable. Given this example, we must ask ourselves why, then, is it perfectly “acceptable” in our American culture of today to ridicule white-males with such raw and singular focus as was done, duplicitously, in this training series?

What this exemplifies, so clearly, is a cancer of targeting “certain” identity-groups for denigration in fabricated “acceptable” political-correctness that is degenerating our American culture with divisiveness. In order for us to more fully realize the vision we share of our American culture becoming, ever more, one of inclusion and tolerance, we must come together to arrest the spread of this degenerative cancer. Let us begin to do so with honesty in recognizing that the root cause of it is “identity-politics,” a political tactic practiced by one particular political party based upon a fabricated conventional wisdom that individuals always represent an identity-group, and the spreading of identity-politics through fabricated political-correctness born in “reporting” of bad actors populating a manipulative Political-Apparatus that permeates America’s corrupted mainstream news media.

Our American culture is being subverted in this way by operatives and politicians of that one particular political party using identity-politics as a tool of political-division to, for example, portray the identity-group of white males as villains (privileged, angry, racist, sexist oppressors) as they divide Americans into “aggrieved identity-groups” upon whom they focus targeted political messaging. Their political messaging is frequently that of a purported “pursuit of justice” to be exacted for those grievances. These assaults upon fellow Americans go far beyond denigrations of white males as we can see the same divisiveness projected, routinely, upon identity-groups of law enforcement, Christians, conservatives (especially Supreme Court Justices and public speakers), political-right voters, elected political-right representatives and, literally, of any identity-group not inclined to vote for them.

Historical record shows that a purported pursuit of justice is, always, more important to them than their working across the political aisle to, actually, “achieve justice” as maintenance of those well cultivated divisions is how that one particular political party maintains a voting-flock-of-people.

Their daily divisions of Americans for political purpose are, immediately, reinforced by hidden operatives and visible minions of Political-Apparatus ensconced throughout America’s corrupted mainstream news media who, with supportive portrayals, fabricate righteousness in the purported pursuit of justice while cloaking the foundational divisive identity-politics through well-honed use of corrupt news “reporting” practices of fabricated slanted Dishonest-News, ridicule and divisive political-correctness. The propagation of divisive identity-politics through daily news cycles so corrupted by “reporting” of America’s mainstream news media has so degenerated our American culture to where, today, it is perversely “acceptable” for creative media to represent the identity-group of white males in poor light and with focused ridicule or to make them, virtually, socially invisible in their creations. As “Exhibit A,” consider how white males are being portrayed in visual, audio and print advertisements, and on billboards, if you can find them represented in any of these advertising media at all.

Facts . . . Political-left activist Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” (as excerpted from “The Smear”) include:

  1. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
  2. “Keep the pressure on.  Never let up.”
  3. “[Develop] operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”

and  Adolf Hitler’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels wrote:

  • Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”
  • “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

One can, pointedly, identify minions of that one particular political-party ensconced within the manipulative Political-Apparatus which permeates America’s corrupted mainstream news media by their common denigrations of its primary political opposition as being, for example, a party of “angry white males” and “one-percenters!” Funny . . . it would be highly illogical for white males who were feeling the deleterious effects of divisive identity-politics directed at them by that one particular political party to not align with its political opposition while harboring more than a little resentment toward them.

Funnier . . . how dim do they think Americans are to be receptive to suggestions that their political opposition caters to “one-percenters” and “angry white males” for winning the elections that they frequently do? Perhaps it is they who are, simply, too dim to recognize that a silent majority of Americans see through their political pandering ruse! Other, easy, reveals of those minions of manipulative Political-Apparatus are their unified responses to a new proposal by their political opposition, as though coordinated, using a single word like “racist” or a single phrase like “it goes too far(!)” or “it doesn’t go far enough(!)” as they fabricate news upon uncertain facts, fake facts or opinions (see what Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, News Journalist and Best-Selling Author Sharyl Attkisson says about two “tells” of powerful interest manipulations of us through news presentations).

When you pause for just a moment during any random day to reflect upon these unmistakable interactions playing out in print-, broadcast- and online-presentations of daily news as being “reported” by America’s corrupted mainstream news media, the expansiveness of that divisive and manipulative Political-Apparatus emerges, clearly, into view! It is a Goliath! The virtual scripts of those broadly dispersed bad actors are, now, so well rehearsed that one can forecast tomorrows news to have that one particular political party projecting “divisiveness” upon the designs of villainous others as they, further, divide Americans into aggrieved identity-groups for political purpose followed, immediately, by “reporting” of America’s corrupt Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media providing supportive portrayals while using corrupt news fabrication practices to obscure the underlying divisive identity-politics before that load of political propaganda cycles to continue into the news of another day . . . rinse, “spin,” repeat.

Funniest . . . could recognition of this root cause of the cancerous degeneration taking place in our American culture and of its systemic spread by America’s corporate Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media be part of what is behind the chant we hear that “CNN Sucks!”?

Unfortunately, their purported pursuit of justice often tramples upon our Constitutionally protected freedoms as to them, stoked by delusions of grandeur, the ends justify their means. Worse, it is the very divisiveness they project with broad-strokes upon the identity-group of law enforcement in activist guiding of a purported pursuit of justice that has warped peaceful protest against injustice, upon which most Americans would agree to finding remedy, into violent rioting and fires that burn in major cities across America continuing for days, weeks and even months, while leaving in their wakes tragic deaths, insufferable destruction and suffering that lasts for decades!

As those operatives and minions of the Political-Apparatus permeating America’s corrupted mainstream news media fan flames of such rioting, day-after-day, spreading the violence ever more widely with their supportive portrayals that diminish the violence and with added fuel of division which they liberally pour on, we must ask ourselves aloud, are they blind to their own culpability in spreading mayhem or do they, simply, want their divisions of us to penetrate so deeply that we will never come together in remedying injustices?

Disturbingly . . . how can engaged Americans ever, even hope to, come together as one American people in achieving solutions to great challenges upon which we would agree need solutions when there is such an unmistakable, expansive and divisive Political-Apparatus working tirelessly against our unity in these ways? The manipulative Political-Apparatus behind such “reporting” of America’s corporate Dishonest-News Media is, unquestionably, despicable and the interconnected entities of that machinery are worthy of being considered our “Enemies of the People.”

Let us speak out in RESOUNDING VOICE and large number to overcome this political divisiveness being propagated through activist, fabricated and politicized presentations by America’s corrupted mainstream news media . . .

Enough already! We need honest, balanced news!”

Humor is a wonderful thing and something that can bind us together in our shared laughter, however, as patriotic Americans engaged in mutual endeavor of making our American culture, ever more, into one of inclusion and tolerance it is important that we recognize when our laughter is being directed at one identity-group or, entirely, in one direction as being indicative of crooked service to hidden political agenda. Let us reject, as being un-American, those pernicious sources of such politically-correct laughter as we pull back their dark cloak of ridicule and fabricated political-correctness that is, purposefully, hiding the underlying identity-politics which are dividing us.

In order for Americans to come together as one American people toward arresting the spread of this degenerative cancer overtaking our American culture, we need honest, politically balanced mainstream news media that report on the divisiveness and intolerance of ridicule and fabricated political-correctness spawned from divisive identity-politics wherever it is found (got that late-night entertainment?) while denouncing it’s corrosive effects upon our American culture! Let us grow this great quest of One American People® into such a RESOUNDING VOICE and large number as will pull-back the curtain on these systemic-corruptions of news presentations that serve the powerful. We will leverage our RESOUNDING VOICE and large number to effect the creation of America’s News Report Card (see “About . . . ” page) that will fully expose America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media through objective and quantifiable measures reported in their quarterly report cards.

Let Our Freedom Ring!

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