Lions and Tigers and Vipers!

by | Jan 21, 2021

In modern America, we have 24-hour-long political events of entertainment held daily known as “reporting” of the news. In these political events of entertainment there are Political-Apparatus lions known as “anchors” or columnists and Political-Apparatus tigers known as “journalists” or “reporters,” and there are vipers known as all manner of political operatives. “We the People” of America are spectators at these political events of entertainment as we gather the daily news.

Just as ancient Rome constructed coliseums for events of entertainment wherein Christians were thrown to lions in savage spectacles, America’s legacy news media have constructed modern print, broadcast and online coliseums for their daily political events of entertainment. Therein, the voters, representatives, policies and perspectives of Americans having political-right alignment are monolithically savaged by their manipulative Political-Apparatus lions and tigers and vipers in spectacles of slanted Dishonest-News assaults, activist agenda-setting, ridicule and fabricated political-correctness, which are systemic corruptions that permeate these purported reports of news.

Unless Americans broadly waken to this purposeful slanted savaging in monolithic, manipulative political-smear campaigns, daily, smearing the politically-right aligned representatives, policies and perspectives supported by family members and fellow Americans, and engage to overcome these systemic corruptions in the daily reporting of news, we will never be able to mend family ties and friendships which have become torn by this political divisiveness nor find common ground upon which to come together as one American people in achieving solutions to our great challenges and keeping our freedoms protected.

We urge that every American, regardless of their political alignment, engage in this great quest of One American People® to grow a RESOUNDING VOICE and large number that will overcome the systemic corruptions of news presentations which undermine our precious freedoms and divide us as a people in service of the powerful. Join our demand for America’s News Report Card (see “About Our American Movement” page) that will give all of “We the People” something honest and objective with which to evaluate where we gather the daily news and will influence our achievement of honesty and political balance in news presentations as America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media become exposed by their report cards.

Let Our Freedom Ring!

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