Oz, Toto & The Curtain

by | Apr 21, 2021

As young viewers we watched with amazement the very first TV movie to transform from black-and-white broadcast into color as it occurred before our very eyes during “The Wizard of Oz.” How magical it was to enjoy such wondrous colors as we joined the journey of four completely dissimilar people in their great quest to reach the Land of Oz and a Wizard who would give to each of them that which they sought and believed necessary to become complete.

As we traveled with them through fanciful lands we were moved by the extraordinary people, by the good and by the evil encountered along the way. It was a very long journey and we, sooo much, looked forward to arriving with them in the magnificent Land of Oz and to engaging with its Wizard of such wonderful legend.

How horrified we were when, after having finally reached Oz, we discovered that the Wizard was a frightful bully not at all interested in serving their needs. Just when all seemed to have been lost, little dog Toto changed everything by pulling-back a curtain to expose a mean operator of mechanical-apparatus that, actually, was the Wizard of Oz.

At that very moment when realization of his exposure made clear to the dishonest operator that nothing would ever be the same, he miraculously transformed into a more kindly person who, immediately, began to address their individual needs at the foundation of their great quest. We were amazed to learn that each of them had within themselves everything which they sought and always had.

We marveled that Dorothy had only to close her eyes while clicking her heels together three times repeating “there’s no place like home” to awaken and find that her ordeal was a dream and that she had never lost that which sought being, simply, the warmth of love in family. With Dorothy’s awakening we awakened, too, to the realization that we have, within ourselves, everything we need to attain that which we seek and have, only, to draw from within.

Consider how One American People® and America’s News Report Card (see our “About . . . ” page) will change everything by pulling-back the curtain on America’s corrupted legacy news media and expose the corruptions of news by a Political-Apparatus that serves powerful interests, divides us as a people and undermines our precious freedoms. Join with us in this great quest of One American People® growing RESOUNDING VOICE and large number to overcome these systemic corruptions of news and keep our freedoms protected!

Let Our Freedom Ring!

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