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Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media

For over thirty years, America’s legacy news media have exhibited monolithic and unmistakable political-bias in their news presentations with thumb-on-the-scale (slanted) support contributed to the representatives, policies and perspectives of political-left (Democrat). Their news presentations selectively use ridicule in adjoining degrading labels or references to the voters, representatives, policies and perspectives of political-right (Republican) but never to those of political-left. Relative to some reported wrong-doing, their news presentations prominently and repeatedly announce the political affiliation with “Republican” while scant, or more often missing, is their mention of political affiliation if “Democrat.”

The pervasive political-bias in presentations of America’s legacy news media degenerated decades ago, far beyond such corruptions as appear innocuous (see what Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, News Journalist and Best-Selling Author Sharyl Attkisson says about a further “Devolution of The News”), into an expansive and manipulative “Political-Apparatus” permeated with politically-“activist” (corrupt) news executives, producers, editors, columnists, reporters, journalists and anchors fabricating slanted “Dishonest-News,” ridicule and divisive political-correctness which has stood, as it now stands, in the way of Americans coming together as one American people in achieving solutions to our great challenges and keeping our freedoms protected. The corruptions of America’s legacy news media into monolithic service of powerful interests rather than serving “We the People” of America is explained by the observation of British historian Lord Acton in the last century that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

1992 Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media

On May 19, 1992, our Vice President Of The United States Dan Quayle (Republican) gave a 45-paragraph speech known as the “poverty of values speech” or, derisively, the “Murphy Brown speech” (ridicule). He commented at some length about how inter-generational poverty that was troubling America was due to a poverty of values which was, in significant ways, the directconsequences of government legislations and reporting by news media as well as Hollywood and network TV presentations. He expressed that our emphasizing strong family foundations would help to break that inter-generational poverty which was necessary for us to achieve solutions to our great challenges. Is it not necessary, also, for us to overcome inter-generational entrapment in poverty toward enabling more Americans to achieve the American dream for themselves and for their families?

Vice President Quayle’s comments made perfect sense and attempted to prompt discussion toward achieving solutions to America’s deepening malady of inter-generational poverty beginning with acknowledgement that it, and so many other of our great challenges, stemmed from government welfare programs which were antithetical to family cohesion and that needed reform. His purpose was to prompt agreement on the need for achieving solutions to this and other of our great challenges and he proposed many examples of such solutions. Vice President Quayle tried to prompt discussion after a recent tragedy of riots in Los Angeles toward bringing Americans together on achieving solutions to our compounding great challenges by focusing upon overcoming this deepening malady.

Rather than serving the best interests of “We the People” of America with any seriousness given to the content or purpose of his speech when they “reported” on it days afterward, America’s legacy news media, monolithically, presented his comments completely out-of-context, dismissed them as “rhetoric” or “playing-politics” (ridicule) and ran him down as a dunce, as was their on-going theme of ridicule for him.

Instead of serving the interests of American people with their news presentations, America’s legacy news media served Democrat-politicians’ interests, in that Presidential Election year, by fabricating news to be all about our Republican Vice President having “attacked” a fictional female news anchor becoming an unwed mother on a TV show and single-moms everywhere (fake facts). Monolithically, they began their “reporting” with slanted Dishonest-News fabrications based upon a single sentence in the 38th paragraph.

As though coordinated in a manipulative political-smear campaign, America’s corrupted legacy news media “reportedin unison his comments as being “racist” and expounded upon many more wholly-fabricated evil facets (see what Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, News Journalist and Best-Selling Author Sharyl Attkisson says about two “tells” of powerful interest manipulations of us through news presentations). Their unifiedreporting” was about avoiding acknowledgement that Democrat-legislated policies of welfare and public housing were measurably destroying cohesion of the Black-American family and fueling many of our greatest challenges. Through concerted use of ridicule and divisive political-correctness, their unifiedreporting” was about dismissing and countering Republican efforts directed toward reforming those corrosive government legislations. Their unifiedreporting” was about distracting from our Vice President having pointed out their role in propagating our great challenges.

If you were to read that speech right now (highlighted link above), you would be shocked by how pertinent Vice President Quayle’s 1992 speech is to today! If that speech were to be given today, would we find reporting of it by America’s legacy news media to be any less corrupted?

How can engaged Americans ever, even hope to, achieve solutions to our great challenges that, only, compound over time?


An Honest Admission

The above history lesson illustrates that an expansive Political-Apparatus permeating America’s corrupted legacy news media has been manipulating while dividing “We the People” of America with assaults of slanted Dishonest-News interwoven with ridicule and divisive political-correctness for a very long time! Historical note: Fox News did not appear until four years later in 1996.

This history lesson picks up again on Fox News’ “The Five” program of July 19, 2013 when the exceptionally proud, Democrat-aligned Bob Beckel made an honest admission, with some repetition, to deleterious effects of inter-generational poverty that were foist upon Black-American families as directconsequences of those very Democrat-legislated policies which Vice President Quayle had commented on in 1992. As witnessed at this link to video of that honest admission, the exceptionally proud, Democrat-aligned Bob Beckel validated the veracity in Vice President Quayle’s comments about those corrosive Democrat-legislated policies . . . exactly 21 years late! If America’s legacy news media had been honest and politically-balanced in 1992, and since, rather than having been a systemically corrupted Political-Apparatus, might much of Vice President Quayle’s subject American suffering have been overcome by one American people by today?  Without honesty and political balance in presentations of America’s legacy news media, how can engaged Americans ever, even hope to, achieve solutions to our great challenges that, only, compound over time?

During that 1992 Presidential Election season, the front page of a major American corporate newspaper exhibited a very large, head-shot illustration of Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton (Democrat) appearing very Presidential” and on either of his flanks were very much smaller, head-shot illustrations of our President Of The United States George H.W. Bush (Republican) and Presidential Candidate Ross Perot (Reform Party), both, having scowls on their faces and twisted mouths. That front page perfectly illustrated how America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media editorialize with illustrations. They, also, editorialize with headlines.

It was the first time the media had elected our President.

As if to suggest their having political balance in audio and visual presentations, America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media give voice to selected political-right representatives who lend little-to-zero support to the subject political-right representative, policy or perspective. Those who they select to represent the side of political-right often express shame or disgust for the representative, policy or perspective being advanced by “their own” political-party (Republican).  Similarly, but differently, their selected polical-right representatives will contribute emphatic support to the subject political-left (Democrat) representative, policy or perspective. After the election of President-Elect Bill Clinton in 1992, First-Lady Barbara Bush made comment to the effect that it was the first time the media had elected our President. It sure seemed to have been so.

America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media routinely “report” on political-right (Republican) voters, representatives, policies and perspectives in degrading ways they never apply to those aligned with political-left (Democrat), even given identical circumstances. Given ample evidence of serious wrong-doing in political-left (Democrat) governance, they report very little on it, if at all.

Fact . . . Adolf Hitler’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels wrote (as excerpted from “The Smear“) “Not every item of news should be published, rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.”

However, if any political-right representative (Republican) should run into a whiff of imagined wrong-doing, America’s corrupted legacy news media pounce and “report” in unison, as though coordinated, every aspect with innuendo, suggestion and, seemingly, breathless hyperventilation in their fabrication and elevation of scandal-worthy slanted Dishonest-News. It is hard to miss the stark appearance of collusion between Democrat-operatives and America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media in their frequent activist assaults with manipulative political-smear campaigns!

” . . . her exposés from Chapter Four are absolutely terrifying!”

Media Research Center ( has been endeavoring since 1987 to overcome the systemic corruption of pervasive “liberal-bias” (call it what it is . . . “Democrat-bias”) in presentations of America’s corrupted legacy news media by documenting it. Many books have been written in these intervening years by journalists of great integrity which, also, document this subject corruption of “liberal-(Democrat)-bias” in America’s news presentations.

Sharyl Attkisson’s books are outstanding for their depth of insider knowledge, fearless reporting and unquestionable integrity. Her politically balanced book “The Smear” (a “must read,” as is her book Slanted) provides deep explanation of what is behind manipulative Political-Apparatus in the presentations of America’s corrupted news media and her exposés from Chapter Four are absolutely terrifying!

On May 18, 2017, we learned of the study by Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics And Public Policy in conjunction with Media Tenor entitled “News Coverage of Donald Trumps First 100 Days” by Thomas E. Patterson, Bradlee Professor of Government and The Press. The study advised that President “Trumps coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity.” This study of our Republican President’s news coverage had colorful graphs illustrating their findings of greater than 90% negative coverage. The graph in Figure 6 found within this study showed only one corporate news media entity had balance in their coverage. That news media entities’ tag line is “Fair and balanced . . . we report, you decide.” It is the same cable-news entity that other media entities and Democrats decry (ridicule) as being biased toward Republicans. Perhaps their relative honesty and political balance in juxtaposition to those others just makes them appear to be.

We . . . Are At A Dangerous Precipice

All the while that it has been dividing “We the People” of America, the manipulative Political-Apparatus permeating America’s corrupted news media has been using politically-charged activism in purported reporting of news to inch America unabashedly toward, and now dangerously close to achieving, the political-purpose of holding absolute, unyielding control under a socialist model of governance. Divided we are weakest and at our greatest vulnerability in succumbing to its siren songs of socialist Utopia. We, the people of America, are at a dangerous precipice beyond which America’s promise of freedoms can be lost forever as world history has shown to be the directconsequences of socialist governance. Only “We the People” of America can bring an end to the manipulative political divisiveness being propagated by America’s corrupted Political-Apparatus Dishonest-News Media. It is urgent that Americans unite in this great quest to overcome these systemic corruptions in the daily reporting of news and right our American ship taking heed of the Boiling Frog Fablebefore it is too late!


Unite In Engagement To Protect Our Freedoms!

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